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9 March 2014

Billy and Jess look forward to their lunchtime 'mooch"! These gentle  easy going Greyhounds need nothing more than a gentle stroll on lead and enjoy checking out all the scents along the way. Anyone thinking of a rescue dog could consider this sweet natured breed from a Greyhound rescue charity - as ex-racers you may think they need lots of exercise but in reality when they are not working (racing) they are the most laid back dogs you could wish for, happily curling up and relaxing on a comfy bed for most of the day but do need to be walked on lead in case their chase instinct gets the better of them. Enjoying a mid-day walk on the old railway track now the Beryl Burton Cycle Way - Another Muddy Mutts of Harrogate favourite walk not least because there is a laid pathway for those delicate paws not keen on mud!

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