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Favourite Walk No 5 - Foolish Wood to Horseshoe Field

20 April 2014

Lots of variety to keep dogs happy either on or off lead! Accessible from Bilton Hall Drive for an easily do-able 1 hour walk. to Knaresborough and back. Down the track (check for livestock in adjacent fields before letting dogs off lead) until you reach an open field to your right - the dogs like to blow off a few cobwebs here first - a good roll, run and chase here before going through the gate through a little pic-nic area into Mackintosh Park through a little wooded area with a stream and over to the River Nidd (if you turn right here you will come out at the Mother Shipton bridge and you can go into Knaresborough or down by the riverside to the boat house for an ice-cream!) We turn left and there is a chance for any dogs who are safe in water to have a paddle - through Foolish Wood until we reach Horseshoe Field - great for another run about and one or two sandy beach areas with some shallows into the river for water babies who like a paddle or if safe to do so, a swim. If you want to extend your walk cross over the wooden bridge to the bottom of Connygham Hall - turn left for an extra woodland walk before looping back to where you picked it up - or go right & have a stroll around 'The Ruin' - an old farmstead with a visitor board telling you all about it - you will find info on the Knaresborough Bed Race there too! You can return the same way you came or take a shortcut by heading to the top of Horseshoe field and forking right at the top of the track where you came up from Foolish Wood - this route takes you around the top of Foolish Wood and cuts out Mackintosh Park to bring you back to the first field at the end of the track from Bilton Hall Drive. Fabulous walk - I drive there at least once per week with my dogs for their regular 1 hour (often +10mins) walks! 

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