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Force Free Training

31 October 2015

What is "Force Free Training"?

  • Force Free Training is a training method that uses motivational training techniques to set a dog up for successful learning where we can get him to 'choose' for himself  the behaviours we want from him. The more motivated he is to carry out a request the more willingly he will do this for us 
  • Force Free Training uses kind and fair treatment at all times; this means as a trainer I have made it my business to understand how a dogs brain affects his behaviour. Questions I ask myself with each dog include: What are his breed drives? What is his history of training to date? What movitates him and gets him to listen and respond to me? How creative can we get to keep the dog interested and focussed on what we want him to do? What does the dog value as rewards so we can build positive and trusting relationships? Does he clearly understand what is being asked - if not I need to review how I am asking?
  • Force Free Training does not use aversives such as shock collars, sprays, choke or prong collars or any other punishments - these have no place in Force Free dog training because these kinds of equiment and methods do not contribute in any way to a dogs understanding or long term learning processes to shape their behaviour - and can at best make the dog fearfulor physically harm him and at worst shut down into a state of learned helplessness
  • Force Free Training focusses on understanding how a dog's brain works. So, training methods used are about positively reinforcing all the behaviours we want - in this way we are 'shaping' our dog. If a dog has learned that a certain behaviour gets reward (this can be praise, toys, release to run free or food, among other things) it is scientifically evidenced that the dog is more likely to repeat that behaviour - and will eventually choose this behaviour for himself. How wonderful is that? That our 4 legged friends who do not speak our language try so hard to understand us that eventually they do what we want through being positively motivated to do so, eventually often without us even asking!! 

Why use "Force Free Training"?

  • Because it is ethical - our animal friends have a right to a stress free and pain free life
  • Because it gets results and long term you have a confident, well rounded dog who looks to you as their trusted leader
  • With the advent of modern training methods using equipment or methods that cause pain or fear to a dog is irrelevant
  • Because causing pain or fear does not make the dog feel safe with their human. A dog who feels safe and confident is a dog who is more likely to exhibit well socialised behaviours - not problem behaviours.
  • Because there are now many force free trainers you can call on for advice and help! 

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 Photo: Some of my dog walking clients - happy to recall, happy to sit, happy to wait - I am the giver of good things, so simple!!


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